Booking and Payment
Full payment must accompany all completed booking forms for classes and day trips, or deposit of 20% for all short breaks. The balance for UK short breaks becomes due 8 weeks before departure date and 10 weeks for our French breaks.
Telephone and e-mail bookings will be held open for 14 days to allow time to complete and forward the booking form. Upon receipt of booking form and payment Two Owls Birding will confirm your booking in writing and this becomes the contract between the participant/s and Two Owls Birding.
All cheques to be made payable to Two Owls Birding.
Cancellations and Refunds

Two Owls Birding reserves the right to amend information in the classes. Courses may be subject to enrolment numbers, fees may be based on a minimum, viable size. Although it may be possible for classes to continue on lower numbers, subject to an additional pro rata fee per learner. Refunds will normally only be allowed where a course is cancelled by us and a full refund will be made or pro rata after the course has started.
Where a participant has to leave a course for medical reasons, consideration will be given to a pro rata refund on receipt of a medical certificate/letter of explanation.
Half Day & Day Trips
Money can be refunded up to two weeks before date of trip.
Short Breaks
Deposits are non-refundable.
France - Cancellations less than 10 weeks before your agreed tour date will result in all balance monies being forfeit. Please take out adequate travel insurance to cover this as early as possible. If however a suitable participant can be found prior to the tour starting date either by Two Owls Birding or the original participant, then payment can be transferred at a small charge. If it becomes necessary that we have to cancel a particular trip, whether through insufficient reservations, illness etc, then all deposits and other payments will be refunded in full. You must have a valid passport for at least six months after the duration of your trip.
UK - Cancellations before 8 weeks will forfeit the deposit only, after this and up to 4 weeks before the agreed tour date will result in 50% of the cost due after this all monies may be forfeited.
Itineraries and Accommodation
We aim to provide the best possible experience and our emphasis on on finding and seeing well as many species, particularly interesting or specialty species at a comfortable and relaxed pace. Species mentioned in our itineraries are only meant as a guide, and in no way should you expect to see everything mentioned, although you should see a good proportion. We pride ourselves on staying in good quality, comfortable accommodation and good food.
Tour alterations 
Two Owls Birding reserves the right to change an itinerary if we feel it necessary or beneficial to the trip and we ask that you respect the leaders professional decision. We are unable to accept any responsibility for extra costs incurred as a result of delays by ferries, strikes or any other causes beyond our control.
Price Increases
These may occur unexpectantly particularly due to the fluctuating exchange rates, in these cases we will inform you in writing of the cost of the increase.
Financial Security
Two Owls Birding operates a totally independent trust fund this ensures that should we become insolvent prior to or during your holiday, all monies paid to us by you are held in trust until Two Owls Birding has fulfilled its full and legal obligation to you, the client.
We have no restrictions on participation. However the tours do require a certain amount of walking. If you have a health problem or physical limitation, which may affect your enjoyment of your trip/course, then please advise us when booking. A certain amount of toleration is needed when participating in small groups and we expect participants to show consideration for other participants. We reserve the right to send home, at their own expense, any participant unable or unwilling to conduct himself or herself in a manner compatible with the satisfactory operation of the tour.
If you have a problem during your trip/course please inform the leader immediately so that we can endeavour to put things right. Or please let us know in writing within 28 days.
Please take care - ensure that cars are left secure with all valuables stored out of sight. Carry telescopes and tripods safely to avoid them becoming a trip hazard. Keep away from cliff edges and river banks. Watch out for nettles, brambles and overhanging vegetation. Take care with barbed wire, electric fences and stiles. In warm weather, take precautions against sunburn and dehydration. Remember it is the individual’s own responsibility for personal safety not Two Owls Birding. Passengers accept lifts in private cars at their own risk.

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