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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Web Cam Links

Hi everyone, sorry no real posts of late, that's mainly down to me looking after the invalid that is Jackie.  The good news her operation seems to have been a success and everything appears to be going in the right direction. Though being the number one carer at the moment is leaving me little time to blog.

Out with our group Sunday (17th) at Arne we had a few highlights with seven Spoonbill and Mick spotted a Great White Egret which quickly disappeared into the marsh out of sight.  We had some nice views of Dartford Warbler and had a chance to listen to one singing.  Otherwise it was fairly uneventful with all the usual species being seen.  Though there were lots of Siskin flying over everywhere and at the feeding station. There was also some signs of Meadow Pipit starting to move and a few that looked like they were back on territory.

Sand Martin, Wheatear and Chiffchaff, Osprey have all been recorded locally so the Autumn migration has certainly started so keep your ears and eyes open you just don't know what might turn up next.

During conversations with the group yesterday, I promised to put up a few links to some webcams just for interest.

This is the camera on the Osprey nest at Manton Bay Rutland the female returned on 17th March St. Patricks Day.

For those of you that like big falcons here is a Hungarian webcam of a nesting Saker Falcon thats already sitting.

Another from Hungary is this one of Black Stork.

Sticking with birds of prey this is a webcam in Decorah Iowa of a Bald Eagle. This page has links to other webcams on various other species.

If you want to compare your home feeding station to a feeding station in Ontario Canada this link is good as a starter.

How about checking on a Barn Door nest on occasions here is a link to White-tailed Eagle nest in Estonia. (When I checked it today I could here Common Crane calling nearby.

Well that's a few to start and as soon as the breeding season continues and I come across a few more sites I'll post the links for you to check out.