Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Wednesday 27th November 2013

Well what a nice find, Jackie though rather unwell took a group around Longham Lakes yesterday (26th) during their walk they came across a small bird in one of the reed beds which was thought to have been a Bearded Tit at first, but unfortunately it disappeared not to be seen again and Jackie only had a brief view. Jackie had doubts about the id it looked to small and short tailed to be a Reedling and after consulted a reference at home she realised and confirmed what she had thought that it was a first winter Penduline Tit.  We put the news out to the local birding community with the proviso that it was only a tentative identification.

Unfortunately Jackie was to unwell to go this morning, so off I went to try and confirm her sighting.  When I arrived there were very few people present but I ran into Chris Parnell who watches the patch regularly and he said he'd found it in the bullrushes by the pond at the south end of the south lake, and it was a Penduline Tit.  

When I arrived at the location Kevin Lane the County Recorder was already in situ and hadn't seen it.  So we started checking out all the stands of bullrush and as we were doing so Liz, Rick, Jackie and Kit Ellis arrived.  With so many eye's looking every movement was seen and investigated and after a little while Kevin called and said it just flew over his head and landed into the reeds in the corner of the pond and within seconds we were all on this super little bird and it gave good views as it flitting and fed from reed heads.

This is the only shot I managed to get

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