Sunday, 2 March 2014

West Bexington Twitch.

Yesterday Jackie and i took a trip down to West Bexington to see if we could catch up with one of the white-winged gulls that have been continually being seen there.  There were several fishermen on the beach and many of the large gulls were resting on the water and looking carefully through these birds produced a blank.

Looking west we saw another birder looking intently towards the Mere so we headed towards him hoping he was watching our quarry.  But before we reached the other birder all the gulls, which must have been settled on the Mere, took flight and I picked up the Glaucous straight away.  Luckily it turned towards us and I realised that I might get a shot with the camera, so a quick scramble in the bag for the camera ensued.  Doesn't it seem a long time for a camera to boot-up - three seconds seems an age.  Click the button to sports mode, I lifted the camera and managed two shots which are stitched together below, not the best shot by far but a good record shot.

Two Shots of the West Bexington adult Glaucous Gull flyby.

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