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Sunday 10 November 2013

a.m. Sunday 10th November 2013

Well this morning Jackie and I was out at 07:00hrs standing in the cold at Border Road just down the road.  As this area is the best on the patch for vis mig and this morning proved just that.  It started slow with the odd Chaffich, Goldfinch a Reed Bunting or two a Bullfinch a few Meadow Pipits a flock of Starlings and a few Woodpigeon moving over.  About 07:30 the Woodpigeon flocks started to get bigger from small flocks of 10-20 to flocks of 80-100 then Jackie said "oh well look at that" and looking north there was a flock of around 1000+ birds moving west.  For the next half and hour or so large flocks were moving over on a pretty broad front that was in our view from over Rockly Point to Limberlost flocks were moving west.  Our largest flock we estimated at around 2500-3000 the movement was almost continuous for that half hour.  It started to ease around 08:00hrs so we gave it another 15 minutes then went home for breakfast.

Sorry the photograph isn't very good digi shot but it should give you an idea of the flock sizes as they passed us.


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