Friday, 27 December 2013

Friday 27th December 2013

After the news breaking yesterday when Debbie & Pete Saunders posted on twitter that they had what they thought was a Brunnich's Guillemot at Osprey Quay Portland Harbour and Jackie and I were stuck entertaining family. We had a suprisingly good nights rest and this morning whilst having breakfast Sean Foote posted that it was still present, we couldn't exit the door fast enough.

On arriving not surprising there were a good few birders already present stretched from the Marina along to Portland Castle.  We started by the castle and shortly after picked up the Black Guillemot out amongst the bouys off the Mulberry Cassons.   
Winer plumaged Black Guillemot Portland Harbour

All the Birders stretched all the way to the marina viewing the Brunnich's

After sometime we decided to move towards the Marina to get a different view over the harbour, after scanning from here for sometime a guy came running up and said the Brunnich's had just flown in and landed over by the cassons.  Quickly scoping the area I had a brief view of a Guillemot but it dived almost as soon as I got on to it.  This was what happened for the next ten minutes with the bird diving and popping up further away.  Then as quickly as it moved away it appeared right in front of us maybe sixty metres away giving great views it then moved along the breakwater towards the marina.  Where it gave really close views before settling in sheltered water to the rear of a boat and started to preen. 

Brunnich's Guillemot Portland Harbour

After having our fill of the Brunnich's we popped down to Radipole Park and found the Glossy Ibis feeding on the football pitch giving good views.

Glossy Ibis - Radipole Park, Weymouth

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