Saturday, 28 December 2013

Saturday 28th December 2013

I thought I would delve into the records and see how rare Brunnich's Guillemot is, well there has been 43 accepted records up till the end of 2012.  All but one of these records have been from Scotland and the northern isles. The only English record came from Lancashire of a bird found dead near Morcombe in 1960, and a bird on the Farnes Islands in 1977, so other than these and a very brief sighting from Filey Brigg in East Yorkshire this Autumn which didn't stay very long, this Portland bird is the only mainland English bird to really be twitchable.  Estimates are that over a thousand birders have visited so far and I'm sure that this is under the true number. As we are leading a group in Weymouth tomorrow I'm sure there will be a few more having a look at this high arctic vagrant.

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