Sunday, 6 March 2016

Hunting an Eastern Gem

Jackie and I decided to get up early and head to Portesham for an Eastern gem today but things didn't go quite the way we had planned as shortly after we had left a low tyre pressure warning light came on.  Pulling into the Bere Regis garage to use the airline we found we had a nail in the rear left tyre.  As this car doesn't have a spare and the tyre repair couldn't happen until after 10.00hrs, we decided to return home and change cars, which we duly did.

We arrived at Portesham much later than we'ed planned but the sun was out and that was the best luck we had had so far.  We only had about 500m to walk to the old railway cutting, we arrived and joined a half dozen others and the bird in view.  Our first Pallas's Warbler for a couple of years this absolutely stunning little striped gem was named after German zoologist Peter Simon Pallas who discovered it on the Ingoda River in Siberia back in 1811. We watched it for around an hour and enjoyed really close views at times and I managed a few half decent shots, but if it stays would love to go back and see if I could get some better ones.

Pallas's Warbler in flight Portesham © Nick Hull
Pallas's Warbler Portesham © Nick Hull 

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