Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Night Migration

Last autumn I posted a few night time calls I recorded flying over our bungalow in an aim to find out what species of bird were passing on migration. I have recorded overnight on three occasions this year with some interesting results.  The first was in January when I only really recorded the local species of wildfowl going to and leaving the bay accept for one call which was of interest which belonged to Coot.  Coot has been or still is a very scarce visitor to Lytchett Bay, in 2015 I recorded coot three time passing over a bay record.  Of the three times I've recorded this year I have recorded one in January, one in February and two on one night this month.  It appears that they may not be seen in the day time but Lytchett Bay seems to be a popular flyway for them at night, only further recording will prove how common they really are.

As spring is on us and the nights have started to remain dry I decided to record on the night of the 11th & 12th March. This was very interesting in that there was an almost continuous passage of Redwing moving over, I recorded in the region of 166 contact up to midnight and only a further 38 after. But 14 different species recorded isn't bad, there is another 4 calls that I've not managed to identify as yet but I'm sure I will with help from one or two more experienced friends.

Recorded over night 11/12th March, from 20:10hrs to 07:10hrs
Recorded the follow:-
Wigeon - 14 contacts
Mallard - 2
Teal - 1 first time I've recorded it over the garden
Curlew - 6
Redshank - 17
Coot -     1 (12.34hrs) seem to use the Lytchett airspace quite often!
Mediterranean Gull - 1 (23.12hrs) surprised to get a Med just before midnight.
Cock Pheasant - 1
Blackbird - 7
Song Thrush 7
Fieldfare - 4
Redwing - 204 (166 before midnight 38 after)
Tawny Owl - 4
Robin - 1
Not id'ed yet  - 4
Fox - still recording several barking session during the night.

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